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How to Become an Amazon Virtual Assistant In 2022

Although it may start as a small business, selling on Amazon can quickly take up a lot of your time. Many of the activities you need to perform may be routine and have minimal knowledge of your business. You may end up spending hours on these tasks—you can use these hours to grow your business. There is a solution to this problem: hire an Amazon virtual assistant.

In this ultimate guide to hiring an Amazon virtual assistant, we will discuss when and how you should hire a virtual assistant. In addition, we will study how to manage the people who contract with you and how to determine whether the virtual assistant you choose is suitable for your business.


What does Amazon VA do?
First of all, what is Amazon virtual assistant?

Amazon virtual assistants are people who work remotely—whether full-time, part-time or a few hours a week—to perform any task related to your Amazon business. In addition to completing tasks that waste your time, virtual assistants can also help you complete activities that lack skills.

Here are a few examples of such tasks.


1. Administrative tasks

How to Become a Amazon Virtual Assistant In 2022
Most of the content of running Amazon’s business is administrative. Amazon Virtual Assistant can help you complete tasks such as order processing and management of FBM orders.


2. Customer Service

How to Become a Amazon Virtual Assistant In 2022
Depending on your business, you may spend a lot of time on customer service—or you may leave everything to Amazon. If you do rely on Amazon to handle your customer service, then you may miss the opportunity to achieve substantial growth. Virtual assistants can help you by performing the following tasks:

  • Create a template for input into the message system
  • Answer inquiries promptly and provide accurate information about your products, shipping procedures, and any other information that customers want to know
  • Respond appropriately to positive and negative comments
  • Match the comment with the order and take any necessary actions
  • Process refund

3. Product sourcing

How to Become a Amazon Virtual Assistant In 2022
Product procurement is not only one of the most time-consuming aspects of running an Amazon business, but also one of the more challenging aspects. If you want to outsource this activity to a virtual assistant, you need to find someone with experience or willing to spend some time training.

Even better, you may find someone who knows new ways to find wholesale products and is good at negotiating with suppliers. This may be the key to increasing the product range while reducing costs.


4. Market Research

How to Become a Amazon Virtual Assistant In 2022
When you do market research, you will better understand how to scale. The virtual assistant can check what products your competitors are selling and which products perform best on Amazon.

Your virtual assistant will also pay close attention to your list. This is very useful for detecting whether the sales of an item have started to drop, determining when it is worth reducing the price, and determining how to update the list to increase sales.


5. Copywriting

How to Become a Amazon Virtual Assistant In 2022
A virtual assistant specializing in copywriting will be a huge asset for creating new product descriptions. VA can also optimize your Amazon product listings to make them more attractive to customers and help you gain greater visibility.

An Amazon seller virtual assistant suitable for this job will have a good understanding of keyword research. The VA should also know how to put keywords in the product description in a way that ensures the copy sounds natural.

If you can find a virtual assistant who is also experienced in email marketing, so much the better. Your VA can write newsletters and send them to customers who need more information about your products and new versions.


6. Translation
If you want to start selling products on Amazon marketplaces in other countries/regions, a virtual assistant who is proficient in multiple languages other than English may be able to act as a translator. In addition to translating product descriptions, this may also involve communication with customers.


7. Photography
The customer’s first impression of the list is its picture. A virtual assistant with photography knowledge can take better photos, use editing software to improve your current photos, and increase the number of pictures for each product.


8. Amazon advertising campaigns
If you advertise on Amazon, you will reach a wider audience. A virtual assistant with experience in creating activities can be very valuable. Your VA will use Seller Central tools to set up marketing activities, enter negative keywords to eliminate unnecessary expenses, monitor and analyze to check the effectiveness of marketing activities and make appropriate adjustments to advertising.

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