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Top Best Offline Android Games to Play in 2022

In Fortnite Battle Royale, you are only left with the last three players, and the crosshairs are locked on your enemies. You hold your breath, click to shoot, and… you enter a tunnel. The connection is lost. The chance of victory disappeared. Playing games online on your phone is fun, but there are many reasons why you might want to know the best offline Android games. Maybe your internet connection is unstable, maybe your commute needs to be underground maybe you just like the feeling of disconnecting and entering your own private world.

Whatever your reason, you have come to the right place. Thankfully, many of the best mobile games do not require an Internet connection and are best played alone with headphones in your ears. From puzzles to story-driven epics, here are the best offline Android games you can play right now.


1. 80 days

Top Best Offline Android Games to Play in 2022

Inkle’s mobile masterpiece is as relevant and rich today as it was when it came out five years ago. You play “Passepartout” and become Phileas Fogg’s personal servant, guiding your employer around the world every second. On the one hand, this is a resource management game: You must plan Fogg’s route while ensuring that his finances and health are intact. But it’s much more than that. Each of the 150 cities you can visit exudes individuality and gives you a sense of place and history through evocative descriptions, all with a few sentences and accompanying images.

You can draw any route you want around the world, which means that every run will reveal new details, and even a slight deviation from a specific path can greatly change what you see. You can even zigzag back and forth without any progress, but immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Every world event and city tells a different story, and many stories span multiple nodes, which makes 80 Days feel responsive and full of energy. You don’t want to stop until you see everything it has to offer. Its progressive and anti-colonial themes are refreshing changes.


2. The Room

Top Best Offline Android Games to Play in 2022

The Room is the best puzzle series on Android: four games, each of which is packed with unique objects that require you to twist, pull and flick them until you figure out how to progress. Each puzzle is tactile, and each item moves in a satisfying way, whether you start an old oven or reflect a laser on a chessboard. This physicality makes you feel like you are in a real space, not just a virtual playground.

These puzzles hit the sweet spot of difficulty that is hard to find in other games: they are hard enough that it is not always obvious what to do, but not so difficult that you get stuck for more than a few minutes. Personally, they are beneficial, but The Room strung them into an endless series, linking them with drama and style. This is magic.


3. Monument Valley 2

Top Best Offline Android Games to Play in 2022

An artistic puzzle game about changing perspectives through some of the most beautiful levels, you will keep your eyes on it. They are desirable optical illusions: large and incomprehensible curved structures, but you must learn to succumb to your wishes. The stairs here have turned a few times, the pillars there are well-positioned, and the protagonist Ro can move to the next screen, where you will find a new color palette and another equally stunning building.

It provides enough resistance to keep you honest, but it is by no means a hard game, which makes playing it feel like floating in a dream, listening to otherworldly soundtracks. It is breathtaking and you should play it more than once.


4. Hidden Folks

Top Best Offline Android Games to Play in 2022

This is where Wally/Waldo is, but on your phone, and better than the original because every photo moves. Your touch screen adds an extra layer of interaction, and everything you click on will reward you with cute animations: the leaves of the bushes separate, the shutters unfold on the windows, and the birds sing and fly into the sky.

Every sound is made by the mouth. They are very good. It is worth clicking on every object-not just the ones you want to find to listen to the sounds they make, from the buzzing of bees to the one that opens the tent. Zipper. When we hear the “ping” you hear when you find one of the many hidden objects in each level, we can’t help but stop, smile, and look for the next one.


5. Stardew Valley

Top Best Offline Android Games to Play in 2022

The best mobile farming game is made for single players: it’s made for the long afternoon cutting down trees outside your house, for the cold morning sitting on the side of the wooden pier, the fishing rod dangling in the water, And the morning routines made will give your virtual life a sense of structure. It’s also deep-far deeper than its lovely art style implies, and each season’s turn is an opportunity to master a new system or mechanism.

We love its freedom. You can dive into town life, talk to everyone you meet, and make friends (and maybe even find a partner). Or you can live in seclusion, live on your land, and grow carrots and potatoes methodically. Each of its small stories can be ignored, but you will miss: they will continue to surprise you and take the game in a new and unexpected direction. It’s time to plant your roots.


6. Mini Metro

Top Best Offline Android Games to Play in 2022

Have you ever thought that the subway system in your city needs a complete renovation? Download Mini Metro to make you a traffic planner for a few minutes in a day. You lay subway lines to transport passengers from point A to point B, but your city is expanding, and new stations are springing up like mushrooms. It’s up to you to join these points.

It started very simply, and on a small scale, keeping the subway system streamlined is not difficult. However, when your city starts to spread, you can’t pay attention to every line at the same time, it will change from a kind of efficiency exercise to a kind of circling. This is an addictive formula and we cannot stop trying to beat our high scores.

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