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F&D HT-330 Soundbar Review: A good budget option for movie and music

F&D launched its ‘HT-330’ soundbar in India in August this year. The company has fixed its price at Rs 9,990, and however, right now, it can purchase from Amazon for Rs 7,732.

F&D launched its ‘HT-330’ soundbar in India in August this year. The company has fixed its price at Rs 9,990, and however, right now, you can purchase it from Amazon for Rs 7,732. With this soundbar from F&D, customers will also get a wired subwoofer here. The total output of the soundbar and subwoofer is 80W. We have used this device for a long time, and now we will tell you its review.

Design, Build Quality and Connectivity

If we are talking about the soundbar, two drivers of 20W have been given in it. In this case, its sound output is 40W. The soundbar can be placed horizontally. Its back body is plastic. At the same time, its front cabinet is made of metal. Here at the top, there are physical buttons to operate the device. The soundbar can also be accessed remotely. Ports for connectivity are present in the back of the soundbar. The built quality and finishing of the black-colored soundbar are pretty good. It looks rather premium for its price. There is also an LED panel at the front of the soundbar. Here both the drivers are also front-facing.

Now talking about the subwoofer, its body is made of wood. Here is a 6.5-inch bass driver, and it is down-firing. That is, it has to be connected to the soundbar via wire. The Bluetooth option for the subwoofer cannot be expected in this price range anyway. The sound output of the subwoofer is also 40W. Rubber has also been used in its bottom for better grip.

If we are talking about the remote, it has been kept quite simple with only the necessary buttons, and it is also very simple to use.

Talking about connectivity options, users have Bluetooth v.50, AUX, HDMI (ARC), optical, and USB ports. That is, there are plenty of opportunities for connectivity here. Talking about the overall way, this device justifies its price in terms of build quality, design, and connectivity.


Stable connectivity is available here even when the device is used with Bluetooth except for wired options. Talking about the audio output, the total power output here is 80W, which could have been increased to at least 100W according to the price. Talking about the audio quality, the subwoofer given in this device comes with a down-firing driver. That’s the most important thing about it. The bass output does not overlap the mids and highs even in full sound as a down-firing driver. In such a situation, a very smooth base is felt. Here the sound output of the soundbar is also excellent. Mids are very clear. But, there is a slight lack of crispiness here, which is probably okay for the price.

Overall the output of the soundbar and subwoofer is balanced. But, as we said above, the total output could have been increased a bit. Coming to genres, the well-balanced output allows you to enjoy tracks like EDM and BDM and classical songs with plenty of crispiness and detail. However, those more interested in genres like EDM, BDM, Trance, and Dubstep may find the bass output to be a bit low. But, this device is much better for both types of work, be it movies or music.

Bottom Line

This new soundbar from F&D gives soundbar total output of 80W for Rs 7,732. Due to a down-firing driver in the subwoofer unit, this is what is unique about it. Also, the soundbar and subwoofer offer balanced sound, and the build quality of both is also excellent. Only the total sound output could be slightly increased to 100W. Overall this product is a good option for movies and music.

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