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Best Gaming Consoles of All Time in the World 2022

Before deciding on the best gaming machine, you must consider several things. You should see these features, including game library, graphics features, storage options, and multiplayer games.

This is because some game consoles have exclusive or different game libraries from other game consoles. Just make sure you get the correct console you need.

You should even decide whether to play the game alone or online with friends.

Here, we provide you with a list of the best game consoles in 2022 for you to choose from. Just learn the details and choose your favorite console.


1. Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Gaming Console

Best Gaming Consoles of All Time in the World 2022

Sony launched an advanced game console called PlayStation 4 Slim. The big advantage of this console is the huge game library.

In addition, this game console also has a powerful graphics chip that can produce vivid HDR video. You can also use the multiplayer option to play your favorite games.

In addition, you can also play a variety of exclusive games such as “God of War”, “The Last of Us”, “Horizon Zero Dawn”, “Marvel Spider-Man” and “Uncharted Sea Series”.

In fact, Sony PlayStation 4 Slim is one of the best choices for playing games with friends online. You can also easily share game screens through PlayStation Plus, which provides online game services.

Another great thing is that you can use the PlayStation VR headset to play games. This tool takes you into a different world, accompanied by a fantastic virtual reality gaming experience.

Players who want to play 4K Ultra HD quality can use PS4 Pro to play games. The console provides excellent graphics processing capabilities and higher resolution.

Indeed, PlayStation 4 Slim is worth choosing, especially because of the way its library and technology will take you into an incredible virtual world.


2. Microsoft Xbox One S Gaming Console

Best Gaming Consoles of All Time in the World 2022

Microsoft is trying to attract more users by releasing the Xbox One S. This game console offers a variety of excellent games in its library.

You are about to play your favorite game in 4K quality. Because of its controller, it is considered the best gaming machine.

Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation closely compete to provide high-quality game consoles. The Xbox One S designed by Microsoft has many powerful features.

For example, this console supports 4K Ultra HD. This is a great feature because you don’t have to upgrade to a more expensive console for higher quality.

It is a better choice than PS4, you must upgrade to the PS4 Pro model. The Xbox One S console is compatible with various games of Xbox and PC. This is because Microsoft is using Xbox Play Anywhere technology.

The ergonomic controller can improve your comfort when playing your favorite games. Indeed, you will have an extraordinary experience.


3. Nintendo Switch Gaming Console

Best Gaming Consoles of All Time in the World 2022

Nintendo Switch offers various games from Nintendo, including Mario Bros. and Pokemon. In fact, Nintendo fans will be familiar with powerful characters such as Mario, Luigi, or Peach and friends.

Most games are family friends, so suitable for children and adults. Nintendo designed the Nintendo Switch as a flexible game console.

You can install the console on a TV or use it as a portable console. In order to get a better portable console, you can choose to use Nintendo Switch Lite.

The controller is also comfortable enough to be used in various games. The good news is that the brand offers a Pro controller.

The controller is sold separately. You can play up to 9 hours of your favorite games on the portable version. The smaller Switch Lite can last up to 7 hours.

Based on design, function, and game changes, Nintendo Switch is one of the most suitable game consoles for children. It has a large game library, which can be played by children or beginners.


4. Oculus Quest Gaming Console

Best Gaming Consoles of All Time in the World 2022

The Sony PS4 is not the only game console that offers a fantastic virtual reality experience. Oculus Quest also provides an amazing virtual reality gaming experience.

This console has a crystal-clear headset and multi-function controller to make virtual games look real. You also don’t need a separate gaming PC to operate the console.

In fact, Oculus Quest is a perfectly integrated system for gamers.

Oculus released its original headset in 2012. Amazingly, gamers accepted this tool, and it became the best tool in the Oculus Quest console.

The console also has a tracking system from the inside out. This system allows you to use virtual reality without complicated settings.

Oculus Quest provides a comfortable controller, including a wireless touch controller. Although other game consoles offer cheaper controllers, Oculus Quest seems to have won the competition.

You might think that game consoles with virtual reality are expensive. As a full-featured game console, the price of Oculus Quest is more reasonable than other game consoles with virtual reality.

Despite the affordable price, virtual reality still provides you with the best gaming experience.

Thanks to the VR headset, the virtual world seems very real. The disadvantage is that the console and its system do not seem to be suitable for small areas.

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