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Windows 11 Review: Know all about Microsoft’s Latest Operating System

Windows 11 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. We reviewed this operating system on Vaio’s laptop. How we liked the performance of Windows 11, they are telling here.

Windows 11 was launched earlier this year, and many upgrades have been given from Windows 10. We will review this operating system on Vaio’s laptop.

This laptop has an 11th Gen Intel Core i5 processor with 16GB RAM. In this, we are telling how we liked the performance of Windows 11. Apart from this, it will also tell you whether you should update to Windows 11 from the old version or not. Let us know in this article.

First of all, tell Windows 10 users that you can upgrade it for free if you have the original copy. For this, the requirements of your system should match. You can see the system requirements of Windows 11 on the official site of Microsoft.

Before proceeding further, let us tell you that Vaio laptops are becoming popular in India very fast. Its laptops start from the midrange, and it offers laptop models with multiple RAM and processor configurations.


You will get to see many changes in the design of Windows 11. Windows 8 and then 8.1 did not succeed in impressing the users. Windows 10 had caught people’s attention, and it was very successful. New Windows 11 will take a lot of change from this.

You will see the change in design only as soon as you start Windows 11. In this, you will get to see the advanced visual style from Windows 10, and you will get to see smooth curves instead of sharp edges in this.

In this, you will get exciting animations during the transition. Apart from this, you will see the new start menu in the center. Microsoft had also given the reason for this. According to Microsoft, Windows is more flexible and used on devices other than computers. For this reason, it is necessary to make the placement efficient of the start button.

In Windows 11, users will see many controls for animation and transition. You can even change the position of the start button. It has many elements like rounded corners and smooth animation, which look good on touch screen devices. However, many people may get confused initially due to the visual style.


Windows 11 is quite good in terms of design. About its features, many good features have also given in it compared to the previous version. We liked its taskbar, making it easier for you to switch to the app.

In this upgraded version, you can snap apps together. In this, you will get to see a new recommended section. The app or document that you recently opened is shown here. Instead of Action Center, two new menus have been given, and it separates quick settings and notifications.


As we mentioned above, we tested this on Vaio’s laptop. It had an 11th Gen Intel Core i5 processor with 16GB RAM. In this, we did not face any problem using Windows 11. However, it showed pink color in it, which we thought to be a hardware issue. Apart from this, sometimes, the laptop was frozen in opening the app.

Bottom Line

If your device has Windows 10 and you have got a new update, our advice would be to update it. However, if the update is new, further updates will be released to fix bugs. Because of this, you have to be ready for it.

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