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What is IU Print Mobile and How It works

What is IU Print Mobile?

IU Mobile is a printing application that provides mobile printing services. You can print your document through mobile, tablets, and laptops anywhere on IU(Indiana University) campus by using IU Mobile App.

For students at Indiana University, IU Mobile serves as a digital entrance. It brings together data and services from several platforms to assist current students in navigating IU learning from their familiar context. In other words, it’s a tailored, personalized experience for each and every IU audience.

Students can get messages from the university, access updates and services on the home page, or look for support via IU Mobile. Students are always informed since it places information and pulls content from the Knowledge Base, People, and One IU.

Download IU Print Mobile for IOS

Download IU Print Mobile for Android Phone

How to use IU App?
If you are using an android phone then go to Google PlayStore and Download this app, or if you are using Apple iPhone then go to Apple App Store and down the app.

1. Open the App on your phone
2. Go to Users, then go to New User.
3. Fill in your first name, last name, and email address
4. Confirm Email Address

During the email confirmation, you will set your password. Now log in to the app using your registered email and password and print your document throughout the Indiana university campus.

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