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Best Smartwatch Brands in the World 2022 (List Updated)

1. Apple

Best Smartwatch Brand in the World 2022

There is no doubt that Apple is the best smart watch brand in the world. Let me tell you why.

Apple Smart Watch is compatible with all Apple mobile devices with IOS 11 and above. Their smartwatch was first launched in 2015 and has since received a lot of support from consumers.

Apple Watch Series 5 is their latest product, and it is said that it is the closest product we have seen so far.

Compared with the previous version of Apple Watch Series 4, this series is not much different, except for some features that make it a worthwhile investment.

You might as well be interested in the limited edition of their collaboration with Hermes-the stainless steel Apple Watch Hermes. In addition, they also had a crash with Nike-Apple’s Nike+ series.

In 2019 alone, Apple sold more than 30 million smart watches, making it the most valuable brand in the world.

Last year, Apple wearables truly took over the entire Swiss watch industry, only selling more than 21 million Swiss watches.

Beautiful design, user-friendly functions and down-to-earth applications are the reasons why Apple smart watches are widely used worldwide.


2. Samsung

Best Smartwatch Brand in the World 2022

In general, Samsung and Apple have always been the two leading brands of technology products, especially smart watches.

Although Samsung’s smart watch launched in 2013 earlier than Apple, it ranks second in our list today. The latest models are available on Android and IOS platforms.

The options vary based on your preference and purpose of use. After the successful launch of the Galaxy Watch in 2018, there are rumors that Samsung will launch the same series of wearable devices in 2020-Galaxy Watch 2, model SM-R840.

If the rumors are true, customers hope that the product will have some updates, such as more third-party applications, better stress tracking, and compatibility with more wireless chargers.

All in all, Samsung smart watches are an excellent alternative to Apple smart watches because the price is more reasonable.


3. Garmin

Best Smartwatch Brand in the World 2022

Smart watch lovers must have heard of the name Garmin.

They are one of the earliest smart watch brands in the United States, launched in early 2003. You can see if some of their products are Garmin Forerunner series, Garmin Foretrex or Garmin Vivoactive.

Garmin Instinct is considered the best smart watch Garmin has ever made, and it is also very affordable. For those who are looking for an adventure smartwatch for travel and leisure activities but still plan to keep their budget low, this wearable device is definitely your best choice.

There is a reason why they thrive in such a competitive industry. Garmin is a pioneer in GPS wearable technology, with more than 60 branches worldwide.


4. Fossil

Best Smartwatch Brand in the World 2022

Fossil is known for making the best sports smartwatches you can find.

They are also one of the few brands with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100-the chipset is based on a new low-level power layered system architecture.

For the sake of simplicity, this chip helps extend the battery life of smartwatches and provides you with a smoother experience than older Wear OS smartwatches.

In the past few years, Fossil invested in the development of wearable technology, thus producing their latest series-Fossil Gen 5, using the Google Wear OS platform.

Speaking of Google, you may not know this, but Google recently spent $40 million to own some intellectual property rights and some engineers related to Fossil smart watches.

I think this is enough to show you Fossil’s popularity and trust, not only for consumers, but also for large companies.


5. Fitbit

Best Smartwatch Brand in the World 2022

Founded in 2007, FitBit was originally an American company that produced activity trackers for measuring pulse rate, sleep quality, and other health-related issues.

They began to enter a new industry in 2017-the industry of manufacturing smart watches. Their latest product-Fitbit Versa 2-has received a lot of positive feedback from consumers.

Their smart watches use FitBit’s exclusive operating system platform and are compatible with Android and iPhone users.

Fitbit smart watches are usually a combination of smart watches and fitness trackers. If you only use the heart rate measurement function, you can use it for up to 8 days on a single charge.

Therefore, if you are not picky when choosing a wearable device, FitBit is actually a good choice because their watches still have some shortcomings, such as a lack of GPS trackers or offline Spotify.

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