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Fire-Bolt Ninja 2 SpO2 Full Touch Smartwatch

Fire-Bolt Full Touch Smartwatch

The Fire-Boltt Ninja is a touchscreen smartwatch that uses dual photo bodies and an LED to monitor heart rate and oxygen levels in the blood. When worn, it shines a light on the blood vessels on your wrist to determine the level of oxygen in your blood. The SpO2 sensor then calculates the amount of oxygen in your blood. This smartwatch is available in black or blue and can be purchased through the website. Its slim, 1.3-inch display makes it perfect for your wrist.

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The Fire-Boltt Ninja is a budget-friendly smartwatch with a 1.3-inch touchscreen. It monitors blood oxygen saturation, as well as offers built-in arcade games. It is dust- and water-resistant, and supports Android, iOS, and Windows mobile apps. The Fire-Boltt has a price tag of less than $300. It can be purchased on Amazon for $90. It comes in three colors, black, and white.

The Fire-Bolt Ninja 2 SpO2 Full Touch is waterproof for up to 30 minutes and has an IPx8 rating. It’s easy to use, has an average battery life of seven days, and has a display that is large enough to be read without a watch. It has an alarm and a music player, as well as a camera that can be controlled via the device’s app.

The Fire-Boltt Ninja is equipped with a 1.3-inch HD touchscreen and an in-built navigation button. It offers several watch faces and offers 30 different sport modes. This watch also has a built-in heart rate sensor and continuous heart rate tracking. It also supports notifications from smartphones, which is very useful for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and everyone who wants to keep track of their heart rate.

The Fire-Boltt Ninja has 30 sports modes and an IP68-certified design. The Fire-Boltt Ninka is available in the Indian market for Rs 1,699. It ships in three color options. The watch features a user-friendly UI and an LCD panel with a 240×240-pixel resolution. The smartwatch also has a built-in game option with games like 2048. Besides, it offers a long battery life of up to 25 days.

The Fire-Boltt Ninja has a 1.3-inch color touchscreen with a 240×240-pixel resolution. It features a USB port for a charging cable, and the device can be worn with two hands. The Fire-Boltt Ninka is compatible with Android Wear and iOS devices. It also supports Bluetooth and NFC.

The Fire-Boltt Ninja has an impressive 30-sport mode selection. The Ninja also features an oximeter, heart rate monitor, and SpO2 monitor. Its IP68-certified design means it is dust- and water-resistant. The Fire-Boltt Ninka includes a GPS locator and GPS with GPS. However, the company hasn’t yet released the price of the product in India.

The Fire-Boltt Ninja has launched the Fire-Boltt Ninja smartwatch last year. The company also launched the Fire-Boltt Pro smartwatch, which features a 1.3-inch color display. It is compatible with both Android and iOS and is compatible with many Android and iOS devices. The smartwatch is compatible with both iOS and Android and is available in gold, blue, and black.

The Fire-Boltt Ninja2 is a smartwatch with a 1.3-inch touch screen that is water-resistant. Its dual-SIM and Android apps make it convenient to use. It has great features, including an alarm clock and a SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation) monitor. The Fire-Boltt Ninjanja 2 will be available on Amazon India’s website from January 7 and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

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